DJ Profile
southern gospel music online from Mens Quartets on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Quartet Man
Location: Suburb Of Lancaster, PA

I "LOVE" Southern Style Gospel Music Mens Quartets. This music has blessed me many times. I decided to share this music with you, the listeners of the world. I hope it blesses you. Please let me know that you enjoy it also by e-mailing me. Thanks.
Favorite Artists

Oak Ridge Boys
Harmonize very well.

Blackwood Brothers
Had some very low bass singers throughout their history.

Cathedral Quartet
I like George Younce's bass voice.

Kinsmen Quartet
Had some very high tenors in their history. And I like the many fast paced up tempo songs they sing.

Gold City
Harmonize very well.

Favorite Albums

The five artists named above. -
So many albums. it's hard to choose.