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salsa music online from Tropical Radio Dushi on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dj dushi
Location: third hammock at Coconut Beach

Radio Dushi isn't just another Salsa station, but a blended mix of many music styles of the cultural melting pot of the caribbean area, giving you the opportunity to discover this musical richness of the Antilles. Build on a firm basis of salsa (50%) mixed with other gems of the Caribbean like Zouk, Konpa, Bachata, Merengue, Mambo, Ritmo Kombiná, Son, Soca, etc.

It's my personal mission to search and discover these gems and present them to you on Radio Dushi to be truly "the sound of the Caribbean".
Favorite Artists

Grupo Galé
My kind of salsa where musical director Diego Galé is the driving force with his beautiful compositions.

Love the marriage between African and Cuban music. Best of both worlds.

Paulo Albin
My all time favourite singer of zouk rétro

Kompa Kreyol
Masters of beautiful Kompa from Haiti.

Gio Fuertisimo
Full integration of caribbean music of this singer from Curacao