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classic christian music online from STREETS OF GOLD on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: producer jack & larry wayne
Location: Rocklin/Sacramento, CA

During the 70's, I listen to pop music daily. In the late 70's, I was introduced to Contemporary Christian music & after my Christian conversion, I listen to CCM. While growing up, I pretend to have a "radio station" in my bedroom by playing music I recorded off the radio. In December 1983, my dream came true as I worked for my first radio station, a Christian music station. Today, I am a creative artist production assistant working at K-LOVE, the biggest Christian music radio station nationwide. In 1997, I started a syndicated radio program called "Streets of Gold" featuring CCM classics of the 70's & 80's. I do everything except for the announcing. These are the programs from Streets of Gold, past & current. God bless; producer Jack (radioguy911)
Favorite Artists

Premier Christian classic rock band

DeGarmo & Key
They were one of the first Christian bands that I liked very much.

White Heart
Their sound changed with every album but yet kept up with today's contemporary sound.

Randy Stonehill
Personally interviewed him & he's a down-to-earth guy despite his wittyness in concert.

Phil Keaggy
By far, the best guitarist this side of heaven; don't you agree?

Favorite Albums

Petra - Never Say Die
This album was Petra's breakthrough album to where they are today.

Imperials - Priority
This album kept the Imperials on top during the early 80's.

Phil Keaggy - Phil'ip Side
My roommate at the time of this release (1981) played this album for months everyday he came home from work & it just grew on me.

Favorite Broadcasters

Another broadcaster playing Christian music of the 70's & 80's.



Jesus Music Oldies

CCM classics from the 80's

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