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A well known DJ at NYC's Eagle, The Break and The Tunnel in the 90's (DJ JIMMY P), Jimmy P got involved in helping to raise funds at NYC's GLBT Center Dance Committee and other events such as a Amfar New Years Eve party and Childrens Incarnation Hospital fundraiser event. Eventually, moving to South Florida, Jimmy P DJ'd at both the Ft. Lauderdale Eagle and Chainz for several years and continued fundraiser events. Seeking to help HIV positive people, using his DJ and event skills coupled with his day job skills, Human Resources and previous accounting, he co-founded an HIV Service Organization with Fulgencio Jesus Aponte: RED HISPANA FLORIDA, April 2004. He heads up the agency as Chief Executive Officer, Grant Writer and administrator of HIV service programs such as Support Groups, Movie Nights, HIV Official Test Site for the State of Florida Health Dept and YES, still doing events to raise funds for RED HISPANA FLORIDA, including WORLD AIDS DAY Show. Sadly, Fulgencio Jesus Aponte passed,December 7, 2010 but the Agency continues today. In tough economic times, as DJ and CEO, he has created HTTP://EAGLEradio.PRO formerly WHIVradio to facilitate information, News and music to the HIV community as well as their supporters and for people that just love dance music: disco, dance, house, NRG, Latin, etc. We also have DJ Julian Marsh, DJ SOL and other guest DJ's to round out our station.
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