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DJ: radiovillastjean
Location: Silicon Valley, Los Altos, CA

I'm a Software Engineer doing Wireless Mobile Development on Window Mobile devices (Pocket PC / Phone Edition / SmartPhone / Tablet PC) & am the Mobile Developer Evangelist with NorCal Mobile Computing SIG ( I'm also an amateur Roboticist (Sony AIBO, Lego Mindstorms) & the "Webmeister" for the San Francisco Robotics Society of America ( Additionally I'm pursuing Developing Nation Villages Appropriate Technology for Renewable Energy, Sustainable Building, Living and Development Projects & am the Appropriate Technology Evangelist & Wbmaster for the Friends of African Outlet website (
Favorite Artists

Rowland Brothers
Villa St. Jean's House Rock Band "The Sufferin Kind" (1964-1967, in which I played Keyboard/Rythm Guitar) Lead Guitarist Henry "Broz" Rowland is still making music, now with his brother. In their CD "No Sleep...", Broz's Bro plays a rockin' lead on the track "Hydronic Herego Fame"

Ancient Future
Ethnic Fusion og the highest caliber

Mike Stern
Stunning Jazz / Rock Fusion

Ozric Tentacles
Neo-Progressive Psychedelic Rock Mastery

L. Subramaniam
Among "India's master classical musicians, as hosted by the Ravi Shankar Music Circle, violinist L. Subramaniam offers the most advanced Classical Indian / Jazz / Flamenco / Rock Fusion Music

Favorite Albums

Rowland Brothers - No Sleep for the Dreamers
"Start with The Beatles, add extract of George Harrison for guitar solo, add a measure of The Animals & a dash of The Kinks; simmer in a broth of Huey Lewis, sprinkle a handful of Hall & Oates & finish off with a smidgen of Crosby, Stills & Nash And Young, topped with a flourish of Boz Scaggs & voila, there you have it, the music of The Rowland Brothers on "no sleep...". The guitar solo in Hydronic is as compelling as any I've heard from the artists mentioned. Its as if the music of the times of these bands has been preserved, carried forward & evolved to new forms of today, in a fusion with techo, ambient, progressive genres, that makes for a totally refreshing sound & a vibrantly resonating connection with that "Cambrian Explosion" of music that occurred beginning in the '60's. "Broz" Rowland has been making great music since those times" (--Cliff Thompson, Villa St. Jean Music Circle)

Ancient Future - Asian Fusion
"Ancient Future focuses on "combining ancient musical traditions with modern technology" (Linda Kohanov, All Music Guide), invoking instruments like Chinese zither "gu zheng" and one-string Vietnamese "dan bao". The piece 'Mezgoof' dishes up travellin' music, issuing a melodious 'Hut, Hut, Hut', rousing your camel caravan across the sand dunes of life" (--Cliff Thompson, Vill St Jeam Music Circle)

Mike Stern - Play
"Mike Stern is a preeminent guitarist...if you want to turn up the heat and move into some rock/funk-influenced fusion, then check out...the bold rocker "Link"...Play is an outstanding guitar album from the highly accomplished and incredibly versatile Mike Stern. It is highly recommended." — Brian Bartolini, All Music Guide

Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift
"Apple Computer Audio Engineer, Electro/DownTempo composer Jeff Taylor, recommends Ozric Tentacles, which resembles audio prozac-modulated The Matrix happy squid surfing music to zoom mandelbrot fractal fly-by's...or a Krell jam session" (-- Cliff Thompson, Villa St. Jean Music Circle)

L. Subramaniam - Indian Express/Mani & Co.
"India's master classical musicians, as hosted by the Ravi Shankar Music Circle, include violinist L. Subramaniam, whose compositions often utilize non-standard time signatures, as on this month's track selection." (Cliff Thompson VSJ Music Circle); "...Since 1973, Subramaniam has made historic collaborations and recordings with people like Stephane Grapelli, Yehudi Menuhin, Herbie Hancock, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Joe Sample, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Larry Corryel, Tony Williams, and Maynard Ferguson." (-- Indian Violin); "...some of the most imaginatively conceived brilliantly performed pieces ever to fall under the heading of “fusion”...vividly blends South Indian and European classical musics with contemporary jazz, world, folk forms, and progressive rock. Drawing from a starry supporting cast featuring flutists Hubert Laws and Bud Shank, trumpeter Maynard Ferguson, guitarists Larry Coryell and Jorge Strunz, bassist Stanley Clarke and drummer Tony Williams, Subramaniam (who’s also heard on viola, violin synthesizer, and a mini-harp known as the svarmandal) and company are dazzling throughout." (-- Fantasy Jazz, Inc.); "The CD reissue of the two albums Indian-born electric violinist L. Subramaniam first released in 1984 and 1986, Indian Express/Mani & Co... / ...finds him not only playing violin but the brand-new violin synthesizer, viola and a mini-harp called the svarmandal. With the strong influence of Indian classical music, folk songs and fusion, L. Subramaniam welcomes such top open-minded musicians as guitarist Jorge Strunz, bassist Stanley Clarke, drummer Stix Hooper, keyboardist John Beasley and flutist Hubert Laws (who doubles on piccolo) to a consistently surprising and generally stimulating session of atmospheric and sometimes haunting music." (-- Stewart Mason / Scott Yanow, All Music Guide)

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