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Welcome to Everyday Attraction with Feel Good Sisters Rae and Heather... We take the law of attraction to the next level of practicality. We know these laws are only helpful if they can make our everyday lives better. We specifically study and discuss LOA as it is taught via Abraham - www.abraham-hicks.com. We are major Abrahamsters and hope you join us for this joyfully journey in not facing reality, but creating it. You can also hear our show on unity.fm - click programs We are also heard on Stiticher, TuneIn, and more to come Check out our website at everydayattraction.com and our blog http://everydayattraction.com/our-blog/

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Welcome to Everyday Attraction Radio with Feel Good Sisters Rae and Heather. We believe in the power of our thoughts, feels, and focused energy has a direct impact on what shows up in your life. We follow closely the Teachings of Abraham (www.abraham-hicks.com) and each week we closely explore their teaching for more ways to co-create with Source energy and life the wonderful life we intended to live. You can also check out our website a everydayattraction.com and our network unity.fm Heather McKay Novak has consciously focused on aligning her thoughts with her desired outcome. She lives by the concept THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Even though she’s experienced a tremendous amount of contrast and has never had a dull moment, she always pops back up to the surface of life with a fresh perspective and feels the value of knowing what she doesn’t want so that she can clearly focus on what she does want. There is nothing better than clarity to set a path towards feeling good and choosing to life a FULL LIFE and be all IN!! Heather is Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a channel for a high energy vortex she calls the Joyous Ones. Rae Zander is a teacher, speaker, producer, and writer. She has been following Abraham for over 8 years and also lives by the understanding that much more is going on here than meets the eye. She has seen first hand in her own life the power of aligned thoughts, positive focused intent, and ecstatic surrender. She believes that the teachings of Abraham are the most advanced teaching on metaphysics currently on the planet, but we are always open for more.