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DJ: rawoaks
Location: Longmont, CO

For as long as I can recall, a passion of mine has been music; recently I was feeling that I was missing out on the talents, tastes and sounds offered in our world. I was a frustrated radio listener in the Denver Metro area. I had grown tired of the regurgitated programming they were offering. Consequently, I have decided to become a bit more pro–active. This is my stab to provide more variety in music to help celebrate our world cultures. Bear with me though. Come on in, let us "Get Together" for awhile and enjoy. ¡Ritmo Y Alma!
Favorite Artists

Depends on my mood
These types of questions perplex me. I have many favorites!

Favorite Albums

????? So Many ????? -
For me music is not like a pair of shoes or comfort chair I have many favorites. Oh Anita Baker's Rapture comes to mind.

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