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salsa music online from Bandstand Latino 64k-Mp3P on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: el viejo
Location: Dallas, TX

Born in Havana and came to the USA as part of the Pedro Pan group. Grew up in South Louisiana and graduated from LSU. First Cuban-Coonass (Cuban-Cajun for those who do not understand the other word is not a bad word-lol) and I DJ on occasions as needed, but sometimes a name is given to you and it DJ El Viejo it is. After being detached from the Latin scene for no reason other than situational, I became involved in the Salsa scene about 7 years ago.(Dallas, TX) Want us to hear your music and play it ? We will be glad to review it....and possibly play it here and at a Dallas event. My main business(es) are (sexy clothing store) and (Flags, Banners, etc.-Your Name or logo on anything) I enjoy high energy Salsa and the broadcast will reflect that. I hope you enjoy it and rate us accordingly. It is for fun ! Stop by, say hello sometime.