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DJ: Eddie Zee
Location: NYC, NY

Back in the 60's, while I was still studying music, I was influenced by various factors that contributed in leading me along a certain path of musicianship. They were the BOSSANOVA (composer ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM's music in particular), composer / arranger HENRY MANCINI (I wrote to him then for advise to which he very kindly responded), winning an organ called the Hammond X-66, Yankee Stadium organist EDDIE LAYTON (who guided me with regard to my studies), and the best in music teachers. These teachers would prepare me for my admission to the HIGH SCHOOL of PERFORMING ARTS in NYC which led to a scholarship at JULLIARD. Later, I would would be sponsored into the arrangers workshop at the EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC. I spent many years working professionally in the recording business and played in jazz groups which included legendary musicians such as DOC CHEATHAM AND EDDIE HEYWOOD. I also ran a music school and operated a recording studio. Now the one factor or element that, I would say, maintained a level of dominance among all the factors, would be the BOSSANOVA. I say this because the bossanova allows for maximum harmonic creativity. The bossanova has some of the most fascinating new types of melodies that have ever been written (I call some of them harmonically dependent melodies, which is a good thing in certain cases). The bossanova has the most mesmerizing rhythmic background since the waltz, but yet is extremely contemporary and sophisticated in form. I am now a broadcaster on which features the bossanova. You can hear the greatest hits as well as great new original material by many artists. You can also hear one of my songs, an instrumental at the time of this writing, called 'CAN YOU DREAM STRAWBERRIES and CREAM' soon to be released as a vocal. This one held the highest ratings at (as provided as statistics by 'LIVE365'). I hope you will enjoy listening to 'STRAWBERRIES' and other CD's that I have made available at this site. Please do visit my site, sometimes we have special sales at the 'CD STORE' (find it on the home page at The CALL-IN # for (and information or customer service) is: TOLL FREE (866)871-1900. Yours truly, Eddie Zee
Favorite Artists

Antonio Carlos Jobim
Perhaps one of the greatest innovators in music of all time, A.C. Jobim wrote the most unusual type of melodies with the most creative harmonic backgrounds, set to the mesmorizing bossa beat.

Henry Mancini
Ta da .. Ta daaa...of course that's the classic theme Hank wrote called "THE PINK PANTHER". Henry Mancini was a great composer and arranger, specializing in extremely colorful melodies and lush harmonic backgrounds. He was also a genius with regard to different timbre combinations in his charts.

Eddie Layton
A great organist with a very smooth and streamlined sound, Eddie Layton was known, primarily as the Yankee Stadium Organist. He also played background music for many soap operas on television. I learned a great deal from this organist.

Walter Wanderly
The other great organist from South of the border. Walter Wanderly had a crisp and rhythmic sound which he employed when playing bossas and sambas.

Joao Gilberto
A guitarist and vocalist with one of the most unusual sounds. Playing and singing, usually no louder than mp (medium soft), he reminds us of that expression: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."