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NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and mentor. Published author. Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides the tools necessary for you to be a more effective communicator. Mindfulness is the art and practice of paying attention to this moment. Combined, you win!

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LIFE COACHING Relationship/Career/Family/Money​/Balance/Health & Body​/Communication​ NLP techniques to build trust include Autosuggestion, Movie Music, Ring of Excellence, Listening, Creative Visualization, Meditation, Empathizing, Mirroring, Anchoring, Stealing Anchors, Paraphrase listening, Pacing, Metaphors, and Re-framing. Learn the importance of leading yourself before you lead others. Improve your ability to motivate others by understanding how to tap into their natural motivators. Boost team productivity and fulfillment by enabling team members to take ownership of their own outcomes. Create a leadership style that is congruent with your values. Developing NLP Practitioner skills will help achieve outstanding results with your clients and yourself. Your thoughts have a powerful effect over your feelings and create your behaviors. One of the greatest gifts you will give yourself from this program is how to have greater control over your thoughts and feelings - no matter what is happening in your environment to affect you!