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It's not just reggae. Our goal is to bring great variety to the listeners. Reggae has its roots in many genres, jazz, country, evolved from ska and mento. Lyrics from folklore. (thanks Miss Lou) Influences it's artist and producers from slow jams and love songs. The current reggae sound has also transformed much of the tops hits today. All this being said, you'll be sure to hear a very mixed blend of all types of music which have shaped today's reggae music. Stayed tuned we have lots in store. Remote broadcast's from the leading reggae venues, and by the top DJ's, interviews, backstage access from concerts and events, and cultural events. and yes new artists do get a break you will get played. It all takes time so feel free to contact us with feedback send mp3's, and requests to Thanks to all of international listeners for checking us out. Please tell us how you found us. We would like to hear your story and who knows it might just show up on our site. Oh yea that's on it's way as well. If you have an event or want to advertise, give us a shout. Keep It Locked, Sagi