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oldies music online from Huskerville Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Big Red Ron
Location: Lincoln, NE

Hey kids, Big Red Ron here. That's right baby, I'm back! And I'm playin those great memories of the 60's 70's and 80s. Please help us spread the word, and enjoy the music on "Huskerville Radio!!!" The story behind "Huskerville Radio" is an interesting one. It all started in 1967. My uncle (Dan Sears) was working in electronics, and in his spare time he would work in his basement workshop. I would stand by his side and watch and learn. He also introduced me to the latest music of the day. It was from those two influences, that I knew one day I wanted to be in Broadcasting. I got into radio, right after high school. My uncle (Dan Sears) passed away in August of 2001. So it only felt right that when I started my internet radio show, that I deticate it to the one who got me started.
Favorite Artists

These guys are my all time favorite!

The Beach Boys
You gotta love that california sound.

The Monkees
America's answer to the Beatles. YEH!

The Rolling Stones
Oh those bad boys of rock n roll.

The Supremes
The greatest girl group of all time!

Favorite Albums

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band
Clearly, the greatest album of all time!

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The american answer to Sgt. Pepper.

The Rolling Stones - 40 licks
Brings all the Stones hits together

The Monkees - Greatest Hits
A much better group then people give them credit for.

The Beatles - The White Album
Shows the true talents of each of the Beatles.

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