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80s music online from Retro 8089 -Best 80's mix on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: Dallas, TX

RETRO 8089 is a delicate house blend- a celebration of all things 80's with a few sprinkles of those game changing artists that took it to the next level in the early, to mid-90's. Hair Bands. Hip Hop. Electronica. Soundtracks. New Jack Swing. We have it all, AND we celebrate the catalogs of featured artists - from their greatest hits up to their latest single - Try finding THAT on terrestrial radio! This station is about having FUN! If you like us? Tell a friend!! If you want to see more of what we offer, Please check out our website: And consider supporting our station, to keep things RETRO!
Favorite Artists

Michael Jackson
Come on! It's MJ

he's beyond description

she keeps her finger on the pulse of music trends

Hall and Oates
classic blue eyed soul

Van Halen
who doesn't love van halen?

Favorite Albums

beastie boys - paul' boutique
the samples are amazing

depeche move - 101
it's depeche mode at it's finest

michael jackson - off the wall
it's mj, come on!

rick springfield - rock of life
the depth of this record is felt

hall and oates - rock and soul pt. 1
hall and oates delivers solid tracks

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