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DJ: rev. annette
Location: Seattle, WA

I was raised in Seattle Washington, and I have always had a passion for music. Music speaks to my Soul and music has a way of keeping me centered so that I open my heart and mind to what is so, instead of reacting to circumstances. I believe that music can assist us all in connecting with the Indwelling God so we can live a more loving, peaceful and abundant life. Music can be calming, exciting, joyful and sad all at the same time, which for me is inspiring. I am a minister affiliated with United Centers for Spiritual Living and I started this ministry because music I believe is a Universal language that we all can hear and connect with. The sounds I believe vibrate at the Soul level and we can communicate with each other. There is a harmony behind everything so why not let the harmony behind music soothe our own Souls so we can spread love, joy and peace to each other and to the world. I want to serve humanity by offering music and wisdom as an avenue to connect to the Indwelling God. I desire for people to know God and to live happy, joyous and free.
Favorite Artists

Cynthia James
Her music speaks to my heart and Soul!

Erin McGaughan
Her music makes me want to dance.

Karen Drucker
Great lyrics that remind me that life is life and it is what you make of it.

Stefan Mitchell
He sings with passion and power.

The music is so positive and a reminder that God is always here.

Favorite Albums

Cynthia James & Kent Rautenstraus - Transcendence
I love the song "One God" it is my favorite!

Jami Lula - Something's Calling Me
The song "Spirit In The House" is a great reminder that Spirit is everywhere present.

Mandisa - Overcomer
All of her CD's are great! The "Overcomer" song reminds me I am victorious in God!

Karen Drucker - Beloved
Every CD she has is great!

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