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various music online from LA Talk LIVE! Network on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: LA Talk Live! Reality Radio!
Location: Los Angeles, CA

AIM: (323) 247-7443
We are LA Talk Live! We're more than just talk! LA Talk Live! is the Internet's newest destination for eclectic sounds and music and invigorating talk. Make sure to stay tuned as we expand our programing from Jazz to Hip Hop, from Soul and R&B to Rock, Pop, Alternative - even "Blue-eyed Soul", and of course a new line up of informative and entertaining talk shows. We play the golden treasures of all musical genres. Check us out - you won't be disappointed. Make sure you check out our Live shows: So make sure you stay tuned for the Internet's hottest new place for amazing, eclectic music and the most invigorating talk. We are LA Talk Live! We are more than just talk! Visit us at Don't miss out - there's so much more to come.
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