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house music online from Ocean & 10th on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Ronny Giggles
Location: Miami, FL

MSN: Megatron281
I am not a DJ, but would love to be one. House Music is my religion, it is what I live for. I am nothing but an organism built from the most basic elements of the universe, and my job is to project the energy I receive back into the universe (KINETIC ENERGY). I receive that energy from music, composers, people with artistic abilities, and I find ways to bring that art and energy to people who don't have the determination to find it. I found it, and I want to share it with everyone. Just listen....
Favorite Artists

Kerri Chandler
Sickening beats.

He can do it all.

George Michaels
Amazing lyrics.

DJ Oscar G
Club Space Miami, awesome!

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