DJ Profile
classic rock music online from ON THE ROCKS on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: mike (rockone)
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Hi, I'm Mike. Ever since the mid-sixties when I first heard bands like the Beatles, Yardbirds, 'Stones and Beau-Brummels on AM radio, I was hooked. Since then, rock & roll has been a musical passion and very much the "soundtrack" to my life! My former pro background was in the area of electronic communication systems. Some present day "early retirement" pastimes include video / still photography, occasional travel and late evening classic movies. Besides producing two Internet radio stations, I also serve as moderator for Live365's Classic Rock Forum. Enough about me, let's now hear from you. You're welcome to visit the station's official facebook page. Rock on and enjoy the tunes!

Favorite Artists

The consumate "power" trio with a progressive musical prowess that lets them chart their own territory.

Neil Young
Crosses musical boudaries the way most of us cross the street.

Tom Petty
Morphed influences from the Beatles and Byrds with an incredibly potent pop-rock sensibility.

The Rolling Stones
Okay, maybe the hype isn't ALL true, but they did bring the Chicago-style blues over to rock.

The Beatles
Say no more!

Favorite Albums

The Beatles - White Album
An explosion of four individual talents from members of a band that had been inhibited for far too long.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Classic prog-rock defined.

Rush - Moving Pictures
Classic prog-rock matured.

U2 - The Joshua Tree
An album that overshadowed almost everything else from the 80's.

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Dylan and Johnny Cash togther.

Favorite Broadcasters

My other station. Okay... so I'm (slightly) biased!!

New rock - in Mp3PRO as it should be!

A great Classic Rock station for users with slower connections.

A terrific brew of jazz, funk and rock.

This online virtual concert experience takes you right back to the fabulous rockin' 70's.