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DJ: rok kandi
Location: Alameda, CA

Everytime I find heart pounding music with a soul wrenching edge i would always say, " I wish i could share this sound with other people". Well now i can, i can share it with you. To me hard rock is any kind of music that rocks real hard, real sweet and really sticky. When i was younger and I went to the candy store there were these crystal cubes that were stuck together and they were hard then when i touched them they stuck to my fingers. When i put one in my mouth it was like tasting a slice of heaven and my heart would beat faster and the heat would rise to the top of my head. Well if that's the way hard rockin' music makes you feel, then baby, you've come to the right place. Rok Kandi Radio is so Hard, Sweet and Sticky.
Favorite Artists

Ronnie James Dio
What a tragic loss to the world of hard rock and metal-RJD will be missed-what a fantastic voice all the way to his last days.

Ozzy Osbourne
What can you say about the godfather of metal, except this man really does have 9 lives and he's on his tenth life now.

Denim and Leather is the true anthem of hard rock, metal, glam, punk you name it it's all hard and heavy and so are they.

Pat Benatar
That little lady is my inspiration, she is an all out ballsy singer and what lung power.

The Donna's
What can one say about-our Bay Area homegrown girls from Palo Alto, they remind me so much of one of my other much loved bands, The Runaways, it is almost scary just how much these two all girl bands sound so much alike-where would the Donna's be if the Runaways had not paved the way for them.

Favorite Albums

Motorhead - The Ace of Spades
Every song on this album is furious, fast, hard drivin' and just plain fun.

Velvet Revolver - Contraband
Scott Weiland(the poster boy for rock star)Slash, Duff, Matt sans Axl Rose can kick ass every song on here is true Rok Kandi. Although it is ashame that this group broke up but they still put out some fantastic tunez.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Every song on this album digs deep into my heart and makes me feel every emotion all at once,this is just one of those rare albums I could listen to over and over.

Metallica - Master of Puppets
I wore these tunes out and it was hella kool that these boyz settled in my home town, S.F. need i say more.

Favorite Broadcasters

High Octane Radio
kool kat who picks the stacks and sets 'em up-I get to know a lot of power pop bands from this kat's station.

Metal Gods
Wow, this guy finds some real lost gems from the 1970's hard rock acts who were the founding fathers of this genre.

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