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Rock On All Week Long: Lynyrd Skynyrd,Judas Priest,Whiskey Myers,Linkin Park,The Feds,Saxon,Forte,A Perfect Circle,Gin Wigmore,The Clash, Dag Nasty,Neil Diamond,The Vanisher,The Motors,Frightened Rabbit,Eddie Cochran,ZZ Ward,Iron Maiden,Montrose,Rainbow,

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Everytime I find heart pounding music with a soul wrenching edge i would always say, " I wish i could share this sound with other people". Well now i can, i can share it with you. To me hard rock is any kind of music that rocks real hard, real sweet and really sticky. When i was younger and I went to the candy store there were these crystal cubes that were stuck together and they were hard then when i touched them they stuck to my fingers. When i put one in my mouth it was like tasting a slice of heaven and my heart would beat faster and the heat would rise to the top of my head. Well if that's the way hard rockin' music makes you feel, then baby, you've come to the right place. Rok Kandi Radio is so Hard, Sweet and Sticky.

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November 1st 2006 Rok Kandi Radio was born Baby, Rok Kandi Radio has been on the air kicking out the Jams Mother Fuc***s for years, Tune in and listen to Hard Rok/Metal/Southern Rock/Punk/Blues and Weird Azz Junk, You never know what you will hear on Rok Kandi Radio. Thank you to all of our loyal listeners and welcome to you new listeners, hope there is a tune you will hear that will grab you by the balls and squeeze you tight and if you did not hear it then drop us an mp3 of the songs you do want to hear. We take unsigned, underground, above ground hard rockin' bands from around the globe and we really do search high and low, like falling into grimy CD bins and pulling up fist fulls of kick ass music. We will never stop searching for hard rok tunez to blast yer ears and rattle your brains 'cuz we just wan'na party all night and sleep all day.