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Super 70's 80's & 90's goal is to take you back to another place and time.

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I'm a Los Angeles radio guy.Attended the Kiis School of Broadcasting.Yup at one time Kiis-FM Los Angeles had a broadcasting school.It had a real low watt station running daily. "Broadcasting live from a top the Playboy building on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood" the station ID's would say. I still have some of those station ID's somewhere. Oh by the way it wasn't that exciting. I think it was the West Coast offices for Playboy I don't know for sure because we weren't allowed to stop at those floors on the elevator ride up to the schools top floors.So NO, there were no "bunnies" running around, and NO we weren't wearing our PJ's all over. I was taught under the likes of Earl Trout,Duke Norton,guys whom names you probably wouldn't know unless you were in the radio business. These guys were radio giants in programming and radio news. And I can't forget Daws Butler better known as the voice of cartoon character Hunkleberry Hound. Back in those day's Charlie Tuna was working morning drive at the mother station 102.7 Kiis-FM Los Angeles and when it was time for me to graduate from Kiis broadcasting school Rick Dees was just about to take over with his run at the station. I grew up on Boss Radio those born after 1970 are going "Huh, Boss Radio what the heck is that" Boss Radio was a turning point in radio during the 60's and early 70's let's just call it high energy radio for that period of time. Some will argue where it started but for me it started in Los Angeles at 93 KHJ AM. The DJ's nowadays have nothing on some of these guys with names like "The Reel Don Steel",Roger Christian, and Robert W. Morgan and let's not forget Bill Drake the best programmer of the time. These guys are my radio idols. Oh, and digital technology wasn't even around then . I remember cutting tape off a reel to reel machine to cut a 60 second spot to cart. So here is my little corner of the internet in honor of those Boss Radio jocks and guy's like Charlie Tuna and Rick Dees who followed their dreams and spinned the hits and kept them coming. My turn to spin the hits of the Super 70's 80's & 90's All the hits all the time and they just keep coming, as they would say back then......enjoy! Ron

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Hi guys and gals for stopping by. This station is here for you guys and if you would like to hear anything or suggest anything to hear please drop me a line and I'll get it up as soon as I can. Thanks for being a loyal listener! Ron