DJ Profile
latin music online from THE LATIN BREEZE on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Roxy
Location: Beautiful Salt Lake City, UT

YAHOO: roxyxlnt
My musical curiosity, deep appreciation and desire to share the musical works of so many inspired musicians, took on a life of it's own in 2001 when I returned to college to study communications arts. Soon afterwards I became a DJ for a local Smooth Jazz Station on FM radio in SOCAL.

In 2002 I re-focused my study in communication arts and shifted gradually toward intenet broadcasting and digital production work...The Latin Breeze is one of my projects [I use this as a virtual canvas learning'Latin Genre' musical arrangments-coreography]from this experience.


I hope you enjoy it

Feel free to email me requests.

Kind regards... Roxy

Favorite Artists

Bobby Matos
Jazz Master who Brings the best out of older music with a refreshining the brilliance of the compositions/composer of it's day.

Pat Metheny
He knows 'the sound' quiet my mind 365 days of the year.

Chucho Valdez
A masterful pianist-songwriter of jazz. Valdez as well knows 'the sound'.

Tito Puente/Chick Corea
masters...genious of Jazz/Fusion/Latin Salsa..

Ruben Blades
He is my favorite vocalist of ANY Genre...He is masterful at blending verbs to a beat in sync as if his voice were an instrument...bringing a composition movement rather than a solo singer. Confusing???probably lol.