DJ Profile
downtempo music online from Chilled Beats on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: rt_fluke
Location: Enschede, Netherlands

MSN: chilledbeats
When I started digging in the downtempo genre, I noticed a very distinct kind of music that always drew my attention. Different in many ways, but all very energizing for the body and mind. The perfect 'background' music that doesn't distract, but interesting enough for a good listen. A few years ago, I started to build an 'all times favourite' playlist on Live365, and since then many people have found it to be just what they need to get through their day.
Favorite Artists

Never bound to any rules, they create very diverse explorations in music.

Fila Brazillia
I think these dudes from Pork records were my first encounter with 'the real downtempo'. Still good.

He creates warm, full-of-soul music.

Fantastic electronic music from Germany.

The very best from the US. Very inspiring.

Favorite Broadcasters

The driving force behind Radio Take10... see his and my website for more details...

He's one of the Radio Take10 dj's... keep up the good work!

He runs the 'Delicious Lo-Fi Lounge', and we've got quite the same taste...

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