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folk music online from Roots Music on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: rwtate1
Location: Carpinteria, CA

Growing up in Texas, I was introduced to much of the different genres of music included on this station. When I moved to California, I was inspired to expand my musical tastes by a radio show called "Global Gumbo" on the local NPR station. You can thank Chuck Taggert, the host of that show for much of the music on this station. This station is a labor of love. This is the music I like and I hope you find joy in it as well.
Favorite Artists

Battlefield Band
This band has been through many changes over the years, but still put out great music.

Fairfield Four
If all Gospel music sounded like this, then church would be a lot more popular

Merle Haggard
Merle Haggard has pushed the envelope of Country music like no one else over the years. You never get the typical Nashville sound from him.

Natalie MacMaster
Maybe the best fiddle player in the world. If you don't tap your feet to her music, then check your pulse. You are probably dead.

Doc Watson
The grand old man of flat pickin' and still the best.

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