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easy listening music online from EASY LIVING RADIO™ on Live365 Internet Radio
Easy Living Radio is the original relaxation station on the internet. We are excited to still offer personal hobby broadcasting to listeners who have not yet upgraded to DSL/Cable high-speed internet service. Our listeners tell us that some of the reasons for not upgrading to high-speed internet service include the lack of access in their local communities. It is an honor and a pleasure continue to be one of the only remaining Easy Listening internet radio stations for dial-up (and DSL/Cable) listeners. Thank you for your continued support !
Favorite Artists

Sven Libaek
Melodic interludes expressed with attention to detail

John Sbarra
Relaxing & Worldly Music..So Sophisticated

Perry LaMarca
Reminiscient of true Easy Listening Stations of yesteryear. Disc purchased. - Get one today !

John Fox
A master arranger and artist Truly at the heart of B/EZ format!

Fausto Papetti
Cosmopolitian sound of saxophone leads over modern synthesizer orchestrations. It's a groundbreaking modern sound during the time it was produced.

Favorite Albums

Twilight Time -Album - Starry Night Orchestra
So relaxing - the heart of B/EZ today.

Whispers Of Love - Various Artists
Romantic and Relaxing - heart of B/EZ today.

Streaks of Lavender - Frank Chacksfield
Out of Print..but beautiful to listen to (not played on our site) but out there somewhere.

Paul Mauriat - Transparence - Album
Legendary talent comes alive with great sounding strings and orchestrations.

Sven Libaek,Frank Chacksfield - Starborne Productions

Favorite Broadcasters

Easy Living Radio(tm) DSL/CABLE highspeed listeners tune in here for the same kind of EASY LIVING RADIO(tm) sound.


The greatest love songs of all time(tm) have a home on True Love Radio(tm). It's the smooth and light(tm) listening.

Sweet Memories Radio(tm) brings the heart and soul of great classic music for family and friends. Please join us.

Our Easy Living Experience(tm) Easy Music Traditions(tm) tribute to first quality opera and classical music.

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