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You'd never know it. but I'm actually pretty normal. I have a thing for music and am one of those people that is eager to go " Hey - if you like this band, then you'll probably like these other ones too - take a listen." My station is not heavy handed or trendy. Nor is it too hip for the room. I like the classics and I like the indie stuff you've never heard. I'm a sucker for power pop and catchy hooks and interesting vocals and quality chord progressions. Above all, I pay attention to requests from listeners. Email them to and you'd be surprised how often and how quickly I play them. Even if you are the only person that wants to hear it, I'm going to play it. So dig deep and get creative. I'm LIVE, sitting at my computer waiting to play full sets for you. Go ahead. Try it. You'll be surprised at the attention I give you. Please don't stalk me.

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