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christian rock music online from Christian Alternative on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Sam-e, the doc of rock
Location: Waukesha, WI

AIM: doc of rock 2003
My dj name, ‘Sam-e, the doc of rock’ was coined in the early years of my involvement with radio. I did a show at a local college that I was going to at the time, around 1993. I did a show there from 1993-1996, and again from 2000-2001. Recently, I have done a show with some friends at another college in the area from 2003 and wrapping up spring 2006. Now God has blessed me with the opportunity to start this adventure of Christian Alternative Radio on Live 365. I look forward to playing Christian alternative music from the 80’s and 90’s, and giving light again to some classic songs from the past that I feel have not been given and adequate chance to be heard.
Favorite Albums

The Violet Burning - Strength
A beautiful and passionate alternative/modern rock worship album

The 77's - Seventy Sevens (from 1987)
Mike Roe's blues guitar from the first track 'Do It For Love' - who could say no?

Mike Stand - Simple Expression
Altar Boys singer goes solo, with a lyrically deep disc layered with much meaning

Mad at the World - Seasons Of Love
Gritty guitar driven alt rock from the brothers Rose

The Choir - Chase the Kangaroo/Shades Of Grey
Veteran alt rockers bring a moody and dark album that still points to Christ. Plus the added EP Shades of Grey is a bonus treat.

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