DJ Profile
new age music online from Inner Journey on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Sam Utah
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Sam Utah composes music in his own Dream Shelter Studios utilizing the breakthroughs in sound wave technology he discovered through his research (see tonoscope, Hans Jenny's works). The music appears to be relaxing and pretty music but, in reality, is affecting your brainwaves through Sam's unique brainwave damping discoveries. You may feel you are more creative and more in control and relaxed during your day, and that your intelligence is higher and you will live forever (BTW you will), but you might be compelled to listen more and more to Sam Utah since it makes you feel good and people say it helps them create,visualize, relax and daydream. Sam is a keyboard enthusiast who has been playing electronic music for 20 years. His music is unique in that, while melodic, it induces a relaxing state of mind and can elicit visualizations and reverie as well. But just as good listening music, it stands on its own as mellow but complex arrangements. His music promises to leave you in a good place and a good space no matter how you travel.
Favorite Artists

Soaring and beautiful melodies, Nessun Dorma anyone?

Constance Demby
Novis Magnificat - must listen with eyes closed

Breakthrough electronic music

Collaboration with Pages and Jon Anderson, Silk Road!

Ennio Marricone
Gabriel's Oboe from the mission, also known as Nella Fantasia

Favorite Albums

Sea and Sky - Stomu Yamashta
Cut 7 - To See for its Melody and orchestration

Faure - Requiem, Pavanne
Beauty and sadness

Ennio Marricone - The Mission
Gabriel's Oboe....stunning

Bear McCreary - Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica score and Caprica score

Vangelis - Blade Runner
Gotta love it - the Love Theme with Sax and Memory of Green.