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We Couldn’t Find a Station Playing the Music We Missed--So We Built Our Own

Not to disparage either format, but this is music that often falls through the cracks between the oldies and big band stations. We’re talking mainly about music that made the Billboard charts in the 50’s and 60’s—but wasn’t too edgy for the risk-averse programmers at the big-signal AM stations. In other words, it wasn’t teen-oriented rock and roll.

So, while these songs hit No. 1 on the chart in 1966--"The Hanky Panky," "Wild Thing," "Sunshine Superman"--so did "Strangers in the Night."

Or look at 1958: "Bird Dog," "At the Hop," "Purple People Eater," but also "Catch a Falling Star." And "Volare," for Pete’s sake—even the Italian version!

So, it’s not like this music was never popular. But try to find it on the air today.

We studied the old charts, pestered people at record stores, and cobbled together a library of songs to fill that gap. A collection that you can enjoy at the turn of a dial click of a mouse.

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(It's a shame that the list below is restricted to only five artists. So we'll rotate it occasionally. And you tell us: whom would you include?)