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DJ: fred 'rock n' roll' savage
Location: Rock City, NC

I am originally from Norfolk, Virginia and have been a huge fan of rock n' roll since 1977. That was the year I received the first rock record I ever owned from my sister for my birthday, Boston's first album. Growing up I was most content sitting at a turntable spinning my favorite tunes. It was only natural that my dream was to become a rock radio dj. And, it became a reality in a grand way! While working in music retail and taking broadcasting courses in college, I landed an internship with the #1 morning show at my favorite and biggest rock station in the Hampton Roads area. It was the Jimmy and the Bull show at FM99 WNOR! That was back in '88. At the end of the internship, I begged the program director for a chance to dj and it worked! I started doing one overnight weekend shift, and ended up doing three shifts per weekend and subing for the regular overnight dj as she needed me. In August of '91, I left 'NOR and went to a small town 3,000 watt pure rock station, WXQR in Jacksonville, NC to do 7 - midnight Monday thru Friday, prime time for rock radio. I was living my dream with a near perfect rock format. Unfortunately, it came to an end on September 30th, 1994 as the station was sold, automated and the format changed to classic rock. My last show was on that night with the last two songs being "Spirit Of Radio" by Rush and "For Those About To Rock.." by AC/DC. I returned to music retail selling cd's and was a store manager for 4 out of the 8 1/2 years employed until the store closed in February 2003. I currently work for a major home improvement retailer. My vision and dream is to establish Savage Radio as a popular and successful internet rock radio station. The journey continues! :)
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