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electronic/dance music online from Freestyle Dance Party on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dj rick dare
Location: Wellington, FL

Did you listen to Power 96 in the 80s? Have you been trying to track down your freestyle favorites? Look no further! Your requests will make the station awesome, so please visit and submit your requests. Thanks!
Favorite Artists

Stevie B
Stevie B helped start my freestyle experience with "Dreamin' of Love".

Willy and Waseem
"Promise Me" is less than three minutes, but it's great.

Ray Guell
He has a new song that has the flavor of his freestyle hits like "Just Another Lover" and "You Took My Heart".

Tony Marino
I don't think Tony Marino gets enough credit for his great contributions to this music.

Latin Rascals
Without Tony Moran and Albert Cabrera, I don't think freestyle would sound so awesome.

Favorite Albums

Daize - Spend the Night
I love the beats on this disc. "Girl" is awesome.

Stevie B - Party Your Body
I think I had to buy this album three times, because I played it so much.

Tony Moran - Same Sun, Same Sky
I have two copies of this CD, one is autographed.

G.T. and Friends - Best of G.T. and Friends
G.T.'s songs are awesome, and his friends' songs aren't that bad either.

Tolga and Friends - Best of Tolga and Friends
Tolga's friends are Ray Guell and Tony Marino. Awesome friends!

Favorite Broadcasters

Great Freestyle Station!

If you play "Crimes of Passion", you must be awesome.

The Original Hot 97...what more can be said!!!

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