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soundtracks music online from SciFantasy on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: scifi1972
Location: San Bruno, CA

YAHOO: houseofatreus2000
I started collecting film scores about 15 years ago and now have hundres of different scores in many different styles.
Favorite Artists

John Williams
Two Words....STAR WARS!!

Jerry Goldsmith
One Of The greatest composers of the 20th century. Sadly he passed away recently.

David Arnold
His scores for Independence Day & Stargate are incredible

Favorite Albums

James Horner - Star Trek II:The Wrath Of Khan
This is it. The one that got me into film scores.

David Arnold - Independence Day
You want an action score? This is the one to get.

James Horner - Aliens
One of Horner's best scores

Alan Silvestri - Van Helsing
One of the best scores of 2004. Nonstop action.

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