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Welcome to THAT 70's CHANNEL - The Biggest Hits of the 70's and More, I’m Bud your Host, Owner and Operator of That 70’s Channel, Our station roots began over 15 years ago with a gift of a Collection of 70’s Music called “Have a Nice Decade” Then one Saturday night in late 1999 my fellow DJ’s at KGBY and KHYL Sacramento started talking about internet radio, We all agreed it was the future, well fast forward to July 3, 2002 with Live365 growing and not really knowing what I wanted to do with my station, I consulted one my Best Friends Michael his thoughts of a format to present and together we decided that a 70’s station would be the best, That night “THAT 70’s CHANNEL” was born. I asked my other Best Friend Lance to be the Voice of the Station, I knew that I would be listening to it day and night, to hear my voice 24/7 would be creepy, I am very grateful and amazed that his voice has steered the station over 200 thousand hours and touched listeners in every country in the world. Michael is the Master of Music, he does the research and keeps the music fresh making sure it’s the 70’s songs that you like to hear along with the special “8 Track” flashbacks we like or can’t stand but still fun to listen to. Special Thanks to my special Friend Elvin for the “Decade” collection, Ken for introducing me to Live365, Jason and the Staff at Live365 for continued guidance and most important, I dedicate with Love "THAT 70’s CHANNEL" to my late Mom who always "Good and Bad" supported my love of Radio. THANK YOU for Making us the your top oldies and 70's station on Live365 and as we start our next decade we are proud to Shout “WE LOVE THE 70’s”.

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Welcome to That 70's Channel - The Biggest Hits of the 70's and More


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