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Easy, breezy, cheesy. Relive the best & worst pop of the 70s - Barry, Andy, Helen, Debby and Donny - and everything in between including those one-hit wonders you forgot existed.

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Most will agree with me that the 70s gave us some of the best and some of the worst music ever. I was a big top-40 listener and a big K-Tel album buyer. I loved the sublime - like Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" - and I equally loved the dreadful - like David Geddes' "Run Joey Run". You will find it all here. I aim to tweak the playlists regularly according to my listener's votes. I hope you will enjoy taking this little trip through time with me. But is it really a trip through time? After all, you and I both know that the 70s truly never left... Oh - and you may wonder why I chose to broadcast in 32 k format rather than a higher quality. Simple: the smaller files allow me to have deeper playlists, yes, but the main reason is that I discovered most of these awesome songs on AM radio and I still find that hearing them in debatable quality gives them some extra flair!