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60s music online from Naugatuck 76 Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: chipper
Location: Naugatuck, CT

YAHOO: sheltie001
WELCOME ALL WHO LISTEN TO THIS STATION ( Naugatuck 76 Radio ) I come from a small town in Connecticut. In the Naugatuck Valley with homes nestled in the Valley. With rolling mountians and rivers flowing through the area. Where you could leave doors of your home or car open and not be afraid of people. When You could just lay back in the fields and look to the sky while thinking of dreams of our future. Remembering the parties at high rock or Hop Brook or even Guntown with many other places. I can also remember my Very best friends like Lenny, Yolanda, Laurie, Russel, Guy, Kinger, Tommy, Jodi, Cathy, Mark With many other to many to mention. When neighborhoods were safe to live in. When people would talk to each other. Graduating in 1976 we all Started our way in life for our future.This station is for all those that understand that era. And for those that forgot there childhood good or bad.
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