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jungle music online from StaticBeats: Jungle on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: DJ Justes
Location: San Francisco, CA

Based in northern California, this webcast is the jungle portion of StaticBeats.Com Webradio. As DJ Justes I've been mixing electronic music since 1995 and I've found Jungle to be one of my favorite genres to spin. The beats vary so much it allows you to really get creative with the records you're playing. My particular technique involves long mixes between tracks sometimes up to 5 minutes. My tools of the trade are two Technics 1200 MK3D turntables, a Roland DJ-1000 mixer, 2 Electrix MO-FX processors, and a Flying Calf 24bit A/D converter.
Favorite Artists

Ed Rush
Originator of the Tech-Step sound!

The music of Matrix is precisely produced and crafted.

Beats so nasty they can only be heard live. Dillinjah has an unmistakenly raw and gritty sound.

Dom & Roland
This guy makes supremely distorted beats. D&R is my favorite group by far.

John B.
A true classic. This man has been around for years and years and continues to produce quality cutting-edge music.

Favorite Albums

Dom & Roland - Industry
One of my all time favorites. I can't believe someone can make something so unique while still staying so true to the genre.

Breakbeat Era - Breakbeat Era
This album took the world by storm and hearing Breakbeat Era live is enough to die happy.

Plug - Drum n' Bass For Papa
Wagon Christ in disguise. This album is truly brilliant. Definitely one for the desert island.

Boymerang - Balance of The Force
This is an old album that still plays well today and can be listened to over and over.

Ben Neill - Goldbug
The mutant trumpet is what makes Ben Neill such an amazing talent and the remixes on this album are top notch. Highly recommended and hardly known!

Favorite Broadcasters
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