DJ Profile
work mix music online from Time Will Crawl on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Jay
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Favorite Artists

Bruce Springsteen
Amazing songwriter. And one of the best live acts I've ever seen. The E Street Band is the perfect compliment for the Boss.

The Clash
Some punk bands were wilder. But no punk band had a better style. Creative with strong lyrical sense.

Tom Petty
Next to Springsteen, the best American rock songwriter and performer of the last 35 years. Amazing body of work, picking a favorite song or album is impossible to do.

I admit, they can sound a bit preachy at times. But no band has been able to evolve there sound better. And for four guys to stick together for this long is something to admire. Great live band also.

April Wine
I have to put a Canadian band in this list. But make no mistake, they belong. Solid straight ahead guitars and some of the best rock ballads.