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DJ: smash679
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to SMASH 679 Radio -The Republic Of The Shotgun Nation! Your home to Alternative Rock, Indie, Power-Pop, Punk and the just added 120 minutes a day of our bone shattering Metal show (WAKE THE DEAD). Where only the music matters! We will be posting our own Alternative Rock and Local Alternative charts every 2 weeks based on the songs and cd's that are melting our cd players and flying up the charts on SMASH RADIO! Please visit our website @! Check back often for our updated playlists and see who's number 1! It's about the music and about YOU! Feel free to contact us anytime. Spread the word of The Shotgun Nation!!
Favorite Artists

The Killers
The Killers match postpunk guitars with a synthesizer overlay that recalls '80s New Wave without burying their sound in nostalgia.

The Ramones
What can we say?? One of the greats of all time!

Kill Hannah
Kill Hannah's sexy songs and style to match have helped establish them in the arty alternative scene. Tirelessly touring, the band has a cult-like status to their die-hard army of fans--many inked with the band's distinctive heart in crosshairs logo.

This group set the standard for pop-punks commercialization at the turn of the millennium. Not only were they better then the sound- alikes that followed, they were the head of the class. Highly recommend every record!

Built on the sonic landscapes of My Bloody Valentine, Curve, and Sonic Youth adding a distinct sense of accessible pop songcraft.

Favorite Albums

Kill Hannah - Until There Is Nothing Left Of Us
Kill Hannah's sounds takes the most related elements of indie-shoegaze-electro-post-hardcore-emo-dream pop-rock and the band weaves it into thier creative cups with great depth to avoid any cliches: Great from start to finish!

The Killers - Hot Fuss
On their debut, Hot Fuss, front man Brandon Flowers plumbs his imagination for tales of murdered lovers ("Jenny Was a Friend of Mine," "Midnight Show"), voyeurism ("Mr. Brightside"), and sexual confusion (the single "Somebody Told Me")

+44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating
This is alternative rock derived from pop-punk pasts, which possesses a surprising vulnerability, giving the album understated strength making it a highly enjoyable listen!

Damone - Out Here All Night
If you can imagine Avril Lavigne fronting Mötley Crüe, you have a sense of where Damone is heading--and for listeners who favor melodic, high-revving power-pop, this is a fun, rocking journey worth taking.

Sugarcult - Lights Out
Lights Out has successfully balanced rock, grit, power and pop, to leave the band sounding stronger then ever before!

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