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DJ: smilestir
Location: Portsmouth, NH

I've been known to stir a smile or two, hence my moniker! :D Accounting & tax work are what pays the bills and the arts keep me sane, particularly my passion for music.

My greatest desire here is to give you an opportunity to delve into the world of indie music. From my experience I can say there is probably MORE talent than one coud ever imagine. The net has opened my eyes to such variety I don't know how I ever lived without it!!

Come explore with me as I continue to find hidden gems.

Due to personal circumstances I have scaled back a bit & have had less time to spend on this station. I will hopefully bring more for you in the New Year. Still many wonderful Artists to discover out there & tons of new music always.

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This station opened to the public on 6/9/01 Blue IceWater Radio(tm) dj smilestir(tm)

Since April 23, 2002

Favorite Artists

Mighty Sam McClain
Tons of great soul music. Sam is a master & only gets better with time. Lives right here in NH, we are lucky!!

Michael John & the Bottom Line
California based blues band. Awesome vocals by Michael & fantastic band in general.

One of my long time fav indies band. Various in sounds, but delivers the goods every time!

BB Chung King & the Buddaheads
Another California based band. These guys Rock them blues. The just keep coming out with more great music. Definitely talent here!!

Rob Tognoni
I love this guy. Another blues rocker that just keeps pumping out the goods...he tours too. From Australia...the down and under.

Favorite Broadcasters

American Blues Masters. Classic Blues

Blues across the board

Blues Rock guitar based station. Awesome known & unknown music.

Blues & more blues

Upbeat Celtic music at its best here with a fun mix of humor!

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