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DJ: smjzzfan
Location: Eunice, LA

My name's Donna, originally from New Orleans, LA (USA), but living in the country now, thanks to Hurricane Katrina. I hope you enjoy the selections I play. Feel free to send me a "shout out" with your comments. And, as always, if you have not already done so, please consider buying a "VIP" membership! There is only a small monthly fee charged to your credit card, and you get to listen to ANY Live365 stations COMMERCIAL FREE, unlimited!! In this way you help support broadcasters like me who do this work for the love of the music!!!
Favorite Broadcasters

Plays a nice variety of tunes, and is willing to play those little-known artists you can't hear anywhere else!

banzaibill wwoz
Banzai Bill, whose life was uprooted by Hurricane Katrina (like mine was) is a former New Orleans DJ, now "in exile". He plays great classic jazz, like John Coltrane and Miles Davis, plus some funky New Orleans stuff!