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classic jazz music online from Dixieland Gumbo on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: snargi
Location: Modesto, CA

YAHOO: snargi01

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playing OKOM!

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Favorite Artists

New Orleans Nightcrawlers
One of the best of Nawlin's brass bands.

Creole Jazz Kings
Creole Jazz Kings are a group of talented musicians who like their Jazz hot and fast. This isn't your grampa's dixieland.

Cornet Chop Suey
One of the Best bands on the trad jazz circuit.

The Jazz Incredibles
Jean Kittrel, David "Red" Lehr & John Becker. Truly, the Jazz Incredibles!

Favorite Broadcasters

He is promoting Jazz.

Crooners. Gotta love 'em

Songs of the Big Band Swing Era

For those who prefer ragtime to Swing.

Corker Trad Jazz from Down Under.

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