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DJ: soaring eagles
Location: Vienna, VA

Prefer the mountains to the city, pizza vs steak. Run a foundation that provides morale support to those who defend freedom here in country and overseas. Ok, so here's my 2 cents about that. Ya have these nice folks who are trained to "Go take that hill!" with no hesitation, and when they're asked to do that, they do exactly that. By doing so they keep the enemies of our nation at bay. Well, you know life - sometimes "stuff" happens, therefore, if they or their family has a need before, during, or after they "Go take that hill!", I believe we who enjoy the benefit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should run to take care of their needs at the same rate we expect them to "Go take that hill!" You wanna help? Send support to Eagle's Watch Foundation, 200 Lawyers Road, # 256, Vienna, VA 22183-0256. It's tax deductable as we are a 501 C-3 non profit, oh that's also blasting out some great tunes for Defenders of Freedom!!! Rock on US Forces and our Allies, ROCK ON!
Favorite Artists

The Wall
"We don't need no education", great song - implores the creative talent to use what you have to make a difference.

Pink Floyd
"Pigs on the Wing" - It's just a funny thought. Once I heard someone sent a message to an enemy of freedom, they dropped down Pigs from above - knowing they didn't like pigs at all - I don't think they had wings though.

Credence Clearwater
Just love that Sweet Home Alabama -great rockin music. They are laid back and reflect the true American Spirit.

Dire Straits
"Money for nothing" - hey, nice concept - nothing wrong with thinking about it right?

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