DJ Profile
freeform music online from Sonic Pirate on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Kevin
Location: Pasadena, MD

YAHOO: sonicpirateradio
Hello my name is Kevin and The Sonic Pirate is my brainchild. At the age of 12 years old I created my first radio program with an eclectic mix of music, similar to what you will hear when listening to the Pirate. Upon graduating from High School in 1980 I enrolled in the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland, where I majored in radio broadcasting. Life took me in another direction and I found myself working in video production, as an editor and video engineer. Through the years I still dabbled in audio and radio production as a hobby and eventually, I decided to bring my programming style and ideas to Internet Radio with the help of a few friends. The rest is history...still to be made.
Favorite Broadcasters

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