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metal music online from POWER ROCK 69.9 LIVE on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: sonicsedition
Location: Los Angeles, CA

At Power Rock 69.9, The §§ (Sonic Sedition), we have worked hard to bring you a hard edged station that is much different then corporate Active Rock radio. Our unique, diverse and eclectic mix of New Hard Rock & Metal has not been matched anywhere. The saying; "Often imitated but NEVER duplicated" stands true to this day, not that many haven't tried. According to all of your constant emails, posts and shout-outs, we are still on the right track. Your affirmation is humbling and the reason we continue to bring you diverse kick ass New Hard Rock & Metal. Well that... and the fact that FM Rock radio pretty much SUCKS!

I personally want to thank our 1000's of listeners from 95 counties worldwide. Take a listen and find out why we are number 1 at Live365. So.... from the bowels of Los Angeles... we are stoked to pound you with Power Rock 69.9, The §§!

Rick Sonic
Program/Music Director
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