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classic r&b music online from SOUL MUCH SOUL! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: The Classic Master
Location: Brooklyn, NY

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET BEST KEPT SECRET! are u a fan of classic soul & r&b? if you're tired of hearing the same old 30 classics on the radio and you want a little variety? then this station is for u! come hear the usual suspects of soul and r&b and some of the classic artists and songs you don't hear or might've forgotten about, because radio forgotten them too! i promise you this station will bring something different and unique with each show and you won't be disappointed, you might hear something you haven't heard in years or something you never heard before. you need some soul? come on and get some! show schedule: sundays - the cool out show. slow jams and mellow sounds from back in the day and today. monday & tuesday - the 60's show. showcasing the best in soul, funk, ballads, i also do a 5 song spotlight on the founding sisters and brothers of soul, doo wop and rock & roll of the 50's, as well as the spotlight artist of the day of the 60's wednesday & thursday - the 70's show. showcasing the best in soul, funk, dance and slow jams, also a spotlight artist of the 70's. fridays & saturdays - 80's & 90's and beyond show. showcasing the best in soul, funk, slow jams, new jack swing & hip hop soul, also a spotlight artist of the 80's and 90's. each show runs for 4 hours and for the whole day, so u can listen to your favorites all day. a little something for everybody! if you like a copy of the playlist for each show you can email me at and each show will be posted be on come join some of the most knowledgeable and some of the industry's best kept secret and behind the scenes people and share your memories and knowledge on this great thing we all love called soul. LET ME KNOW WHAT U THINK AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! DJ RICK (THE CLASSIC MASTER) KEEPING THE SOUL ALIVE!
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