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classic, under-appreciated and lesser-known works by both established and emerging artists playing jazz, soul, Afro-Latin vibes, broken beat and nerd/rock.

About V E R B

pimpin' fine beats since 1976. "God sent Me."

"I say, play your own way. Don't play what the public wants -- you play what you want and let the public pick up on what you doing -- even if it does take them fifteen, twenty years." - Thelonious Sphere Monk

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"The best station I've heard in years..." - R.H. (AZ)

"True Musical Eargasm" - D. (Arlington, TX)

"best on line music selections, HANDS DOWN!! MUCHO AMOR... xo." - F.M. (Chicago, IL)

"its the best of all that i need musically" - S.C. (Northern Ireland)

"eclectic, intellectual and very very progressive" - J.W. (Mount Vernon, NY)

"...an eclectic musiquarium full of engaging artists and healthy music." - K.A. (Chicago, IL)

"wall-to-wall euphonious soul neo-fusion" - K.T. (Berkeley Heights, NJ)

"An absolutely AWESOME source to hear the best funky grooves ... I tell my musician friends they MUST check it out, and that I've had my musical horizons expanded" - B.M. (Colorado Springs, CO)

"Everything I love to hear in music... The best on-line radio station for REAL music" - K.S. (Columbia, SC)

"Fresh." - J.J. (Miami, FL)

"the best station ever!!! in other words me. i would do the same thing if i was them" - D.B. (Miami, FL)

"Upbeat, jazzy, very nice :)" - M. (Orlando, FL)

"best word is eclectic" - A.C. (Brooklyn, NY)

"A great blend for everyone who misses the real stuff. The way a radio station used to sound before corporate America got to it." - B. J. (Los Angeles, CA)

"ish that is not on the radio and should be" - M.B. (Philadelphia, PA)

"Thank God - music" - B.W. (Akron, OH)

"A great indie station" - W.M. (Douglasville, GA)

"COOOOOOL uber cool..." - S.M. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

"very different and so unique and the artists and the music is awesome !!!! : )" - L.W. (Bellwood, IL)

"Authentic, decent station. I love it." - T. (Tokyo, Japan)

"with SpicyPimps I can increase my CD collection" - C. (France)

"a perfect balance of all the tendencies I love in music" - L.G. (Lima, Peru)

"Amazing music variety." - B.B. (Pittsburg, PA)

"A very nice change of pace" - anonymous (Washington, DC)

"Awesome station, with a lot of taste." - Nick (Newmarket, UK)

"Off the musical beaten path." - anonymous (Atlanta, GA)

"eclectic, relaxing" - K. (TN)

"Original." - M.K. (Netherlands)

"A hot delectable groove that allows you to simply not give a damn...." - Sharon (Dania Beach, FL)

"Beautiful music for your ears!" - T (Chicago, IL)

"Wonderful" - C.A. (Chicago, IL)

"Funky, Jazzy, Spicy, & always on Point!" - K (Richmond, VA)

"Hot, Hot, Hot" - T.B. (UK)

"Nice Vibe.Chill out with your Lady with some Pinot Noir Wine, Drunken Goat Cheese and Ritz Crackers .. Music." - A.P. (Roswell, GA)