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DJ: splinkster
Location: cloquet, MN

YAHOO: bcaapi1@yahoo
I originally attended art school for music&video business and was in school at the time the "Seattle Grunge Scene" spread worldwide and after seeing the music industry (from the inside) and loosing some very close friends who were some of the most talented musical artists to ever live I walked away. My love for music never died and after being frustrated with the local radio stations with the same 25-35 artists and the narrow set list they play to nausium I looked to the internet for comfort, I soon noticed even here some of my favorite and underappreciated artists received seldom air play, so it was the inspiration of Manu Chao and previous bands of his, Roger Waters,the Church,TSOL,and Ministry that Radio Clandestino was born, I soon began looking for indie and unsigned artists to add to my play list, What Radio Clandestino strives to do is play music I enjoy and like and I wish to share with the World, whatever the genra or style, and yes I take personal pride to play songs that normally cannot be played or if they are they are censored on commercial radio, I believe art should be free to expression and not censored. So why do I do what I do? because I love music and I think it should be shared with others.I must also thank Ariel Publicity for hooking me up with a lot of great artists as well as Music Submit, these two organizations have helped me out more than anyone else for new great artits that deserve air play. And Most of all Thank You To my Listners I hope I turned you onto someone new. as George Clinton says"Free Your Mind..And Your Ass Will Follow..The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within .......
Favorite Artists

Manu Chao
Spreads the words of hope and brings joy to so many less fortunate and poor people in the world, and does not suffer from an ego complex like so many successful musical artists do

Roger Waters/Pink Floyd
I was a fan by 5th grade what more is there to say? Just listen to the words, see and hear the music

The Church/Steve Kilbey
one of the greatest under appreciated and respected bands out there, in my opinion, and they just keep getting better as time goes by, the lyrics, the soundscapes.... true artistic inspiration

wonderful ledgendary band from 80's and continue to put out great ORIGINAL music

The Doors/Riders On The Storm/Doors of 21st Centu
I fell in love with this group around the age of 3 in my father's yellow Impalla with the am radio blairing "Light My Fire" and grew up with this group and just like the Floyd/Waters... have been a major influence into making me who I am, what I am... where would Rock be without them?