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comedy music online from @()@ PoCreations.COMedy on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: steven polatnick
Location: NY, NY

ICQ: 341631247
I run the fastest growing internet only comedy radio station on the web. (maybe)

Email with requests or comments or if you're looking for an audience.


Favorite Artists

Rick Shapiro
The most brilliant and honest comic to come along since Richard Pryor.

Paul Mooney
Too funny to be so unknown.

David Sedaris
You Can't Kill the Rooster

Mel Brooks
"Let them all go to hell except Cave 76"

Richard Pryor
The most brilliant and honest comic to come along since George Carlin.

Favorite Albums

Rick Shapiro - Unconditional Love
The best of the ex-prostitute, ex-junkie, nice jewish boys on the comedy scene today. Rick put the balls back in the Balzac.

Richard Pryor - Supernigger
No need to buy yellow socks when you have this album on the turntable.

The Onion - Our Dumb Century
The First Man on the Moon/NASA recordings.

Mitch Hedberg - Strategic Grill Locations
Mitch is destined to be one of the greatest.

George Carlin - Little David Years
This collection includes recordings of Carlin as a kid

Favorite Broadcasters

TOWER OF SONG. The Best Eclectic Selection of Tunes and Obtuse DJing on the Web.

Mr. Po Boy's JAMBALAYA JAM. New Orleans Music. Shake your big ass soul.

All Slim Gaillard Radio. Pure Fun.

Vic and Sade Old Time Radio

Think Feel Laugh

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