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I have always been a "radio freak" and have been interested in radio broadcasting since I was old enough to really appreciate AM radio back in the old days. My dad started a small FM station in our town in the early 60's, when FM was hardly heard of in the rural areas. That license has since moved to the big city and our small town hasn't had personalized radio in several years. I retired from the Air Force about three years ago and wanted to get into radio in some form since then. I figured I could go to one of the radio stations in our area and go to work as an unpaid intern, but then I realized I could get into internet radio and work for myself. I like and listen to all kinds of music and avoid the rut of listening to only one station all the time. I want my station to play the kinds of music I like and keep it varied and fresh. I'm in the learning process and will keep updating this site and my station along the way.