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Join us for all-time no. 1 hits from 1940-2013 all around the world from various music charts such as Billboard, Canada's RPM, Australia's ARIA, Japan's Oricon, UK Singles, Cash Box, and much more!

About Starrfoxx Whitestar

DJ Starrfoxx Whitestar lives and works out of the sunny, warm state of Arizona. He has worked at several internet radio stations over the past several years until deciding to create one of his own. His first project was the restoration of an old 80's-90's station called "KILR FM: Radio 1990". This restoration became then known as "KILR FM: Killer Radio" and launched on the internet on January 1, 2011. Being a fan of the popular PC game series "The Sims", Starrfoxx created a secondary station on July 4, 2012 that plays all "simish" music coming from the series of Sims games. He figured sims needed a station to listen to also.

In his spare time, Starrfoxx takes his private plane out for a spin and explores the wonders of the world. Starrfoxx is happily married to his wife, Demonslover, going on 11 years and they have a daughter by the name of Lucy Marie.

For more information, visit the "KILR Radio Network" at or click the website icon above and just left of the "+" icon.

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Bienvenido, ようこそ, Benvenuto, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Добро пожаловать, Welcome!

This is KILR Hitz where we play worldwide #1 hits of all-time! Our music list is based off of #1 songs from around the world on various charts to include the ones from Billboard magazine. We broadcast at 96kbps so that you can enjoy the station at a work computer, your phone, or other device that has a slow or limited internet connection. You can hear music dating back to 1940 all the way to the latest hits today!

Visit us on Facebook and "like" us to keep up with the newest additions to our #1 hit music rotation and help spread the word of KILR Hitz.

In the mood for more variety beyond the #1 hits? Check out our Parent Station, KILR Radio for an extremely wide mix of music from 1901 to Today covering rock, country, dance, pop, deep album cuts, alternate mixes, indie artists, and much more!

Thanks for listening!