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salsa music online from ¡ Salsa Vintage 70's ! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dj stéf' 'el viajero'
Location: Lyon, France

Stéfan, i'm go back from GUADELOUPE (French West Indies) to France in Lyon. Dancer since 5 years, i am an old salsa 70's LPs collector. I want to share what i like and hear ! Some songs are very rare, i hope you will like it ! Thanks to all listeners from everywhere : US, Netherland, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, Guadeloupe and France, Mexico, Spain, UK, Puerto Rico, Peru.. I like : Don Filemon, Orquesta Dee Jay, Orquesta Fantasma, La Conquistadora, Agustin Arce, Willy Melendez, The New Generation, Guelo, Grupo La Libertad, Bronco.. Special thanks to DJs : Blaise (Reunion Island), Faniatico (Swiss), Gringo (Marseille), Eddy (Guadeloupe) and Fonseca & Clasico (Swiss).. Please visit, the french website communauty from Lyon, the best town for salsa in France ;-) And, the website from Guadeloupe ! On Facebook : listen ! Don't hesitate to contact me for djing or any questions :