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DJ: steveroush
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Favorite Artists

Tourniquet is one of the most professional bands in any genre! Their musical discipline has produced 15 years of thought-provoking lyrics and head banging music, with no end in sight.

Narnia/Christian Rivel
Christian Rivel's band Narnia IS the standard by which all Christian Metal bands around the world should be measured. Melodic Christian Metal that presents the gospel clearly and undiluted.

Impellitteri/Rob Rock
Rob Rock's signature vocals and Chris Impellitteri's slashing guitar licks make Impellitteri one of the finest Metal bands in the world! Rob's solo work is powerful, both lyrically and musically.

If it wasn't for Stryper there probably wouldn't be any Christian Metal today. Their music set the bar for all Metal bands to follow and made "Christian" Metal "acceptable" in mainstream culture around the world.

When you can sing along with every tune on every album until you're hoarse, you've found a GREAT rock 'n roll band! That's Guardian. Jamie Rowe's masterful vocals and Tony Palacios' magical guitar has made the band a rock 'n roll institution.

Favorite Albums

Tourniquet - Pathogenic Occular Dissonance
Tourniquet is the "total package". This project brings scripture to life with technical excellence, powerful lyrics and masterful musicianship!

Whitecross - Whitecross
Melodic metal at it's finest. Rex Carroll is one of our generations master guitarists, while Scott Wenzel's signature vocal stylings put Whitecross on the musical map.

Barren Cross - Rock For The King
"Music To Bang Your Head By". Enough said.

The Choir - Circle Slide
This is their most complete project, and after more than 20 years Derri, Steve and friends are still making some of the most creative Christian Rock on the planet.

Adam Again - Ten Songs
Gene Eugene was a musical and technical genius, and we rarely use these words with any artist. Beginning with the classic "Ten Songs", Adam Again has left us a legacy of Christian Rock we will enjoy for many decades to come. See you on the other side, Gene.